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                                             If there are wolves at the door,
                                             let them in.

The human condition is:
walking into the cold
with no coat, just the world
wrapping blue around
the bluing self.

                                             Arrange them like dolls
                                             around the kitchen table.

Is: finding yourself
vicious, which is
something like joy, a
snarl of love
from the body
to the body.

                                             Let them in, they also
                                             want to love you.

                 Is: laying down on the table
                 saying, “I am alive.
                 Dig in, you sons of bitches.”
April 11th—WAKE

Sparrow claws
tick against the gutter.

I drift out of sleep
like the light,
pooling against the blinds
then slipping through.

April 12th—ABSURD

A full-body shudder
in the produce aisle, as though
the whole universe jumped
two nanometers left.

Bemused, I pick out
an infinitesimally-altered

The salad will be
lovely anyway.

April 13th—LATE

This time with feeling,
says the gravestone
in my dream.

I spend the whole day
a little teary-eyed.

April 14th—OBSERVE

To the right, white flowers
I've never noticed before.

The freeway meanders
the same way for three years, but now
like a moon blooming open
something new appears.

All the world
just out of view.

April 15th—HEAT

Through the window, the sun
snags on the shell of my ear.

So warm. In middle school,
neglecting vocab
to doze on the spring lawn:
how the light turned
hands, eyelids

how it seemed one
could become light,
could scatter and shine.
April 6th—REGRET

He has buried his wife
and only child,
many years past. In the mornings
I fetched coffee and he said, “I should have
died. I want to die.”

What to say? “I'm sorry,” or
“I understand.” Perhaps just,

Anything but “oh—!”,
the ugly, brainless honk of it,
like a startled goose.

April 7th—ANIMAL

A dog ululates with joy
and a dog brings a ball and
a dog presses her face
against my thigh.

Three dogs, three loves.
Francis had the right idea.

April 8th—MEMORY

Everything on the cusp of rain,
all day long.

From the window, the red smoke tree
the quaking aspens
the heather and rosemary
seem like an old story.

Even as the cat, senile,
yowls for dinner
again, it's only
some soft memory, half-lost

I am fogged as old glass.
The cat yowled and yowls, the rain
has always hesitated, forever.
One subdued August evening
eternal, from first atom to last.

The stunning irreality of reality.

I move through the house as a dream
of myself. Silent,
simple. The hillside, the cat,
the rain, myself

moving forward into infinity.


News comes: they will bore
three holes into me, and
with the exactness of a chef
trim out the unwanted meat.

Possibly they will pluck away
an ovary, like a grape.

But all I can think is, ah,
how annoying.
The paperwork
will pile up
so quickly.

April 10th—FEAR

A common theme
in the dream diary. Hiding
crouched in the tall grass,
like a hunted mouse.

Perhaps I am frozen.
Perhaps I am desperate.
Perhaps the grass grows
sparser with each day.
April 1st— COMMUTE

The river overflows
with fog.  

Morning quickens and we stream
across the bridge,
going who knows where.

Droplets scattering in the sun.

April 2nd – WORK

Up and down the boulevard,
machinery waiting for spring.
It seems they should shake dog-like
the dew from their backs.

A coworker skypes with his young children.
Another listens to the radio. This is not
such a bad life.

April 3rd— EVENING

A quiet apartment. Soft rain,
softer moon. The stove
and counters gleam like gems.  

I read old favorites
(there is poetry in everything. That
is the biggest argument against poetry…)

and go to bed early.

April 4th—WALK

Lovely, in a gaudy way
the 3 miles of tulip fields.
My mother talks about
her tulips at home, which are
really bucket daffodils.

It is endearing beyond words.

April 5th—MRI

Deep now
in the belly of the machine,
a needle in my arm and my ovary
hard as an acorn.

It is forbidden, I assume,
to hum, but the triads
align themselves,
a mechanic symphony

and despite the earplugs,
the chill of gadolinium
in my veins,

I feel that I am a tine
in a music box, that I am
at the heart of a song.
Having decided to live,
I eat salads, cut sweets,
take up walking. A small white dog
yaps fiercely behind his fence. I wonder
how it feels to act so earnestly.

At night my body resounds
with slow tides of blood. Wave after wave,
it says: you are, you are, you are.

I feel old, the way
only the very young do.
I listen to the cricketing
of bone and ligament,
the stiffening nodules of meat.

Last week, my cat died in the laundry room
balled up like a rag. This is the end
for every living thing. I haven't forgotten.
It still clutches my throat.

But it would be fine, filling the years
with some meaningless love.
Yapping day after day, stupidly
whole-hearted, the sense
of a good job well done.

You are, says the body.
You are dying, says the brain.

Yap yap, says the dog,
and goes inside for a treat.
can replace
in my life
and one day
it will

--Ken Mikolowski, 'Nothing'…


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Don't let the bastards grind you down. I repeat this to myself but it conveys nothing. You might as well say, Don't let there be air; or Don't be. I suppose you could say that.

The Handmaid's Tale, Margaret Atwood

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Thank you kindly :) It's been just about a full year since I've written last, unfortunately. I think in poetic terms now and then, but I haven't had the urge to write any of it down. I was never prolific to begin with. We'll see, someday I'll think something worth saying.
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